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Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) or Bluetooth Smart, is a secure wireless technology that uses only a fraction of the power consumption of standard Bluetooth. BLE has micro-location capabilities, transmitting up to a range of 50 metres and facilitating highly accurate proximity-based services.

GPS is widely used for location-based services and most commonly in satellite navigation systems. However GPS cannot pinpoint proximity to the same accuracy as BLE, doesn’t work indoors and drains device batteries within a very short period of usage.

BLE is also the technology used by iBeacons, which were first supported within iOS 7. Integration with iBeacons allows push notifications to be delivered to devices based on their proximity, enabling a range of exciting and interactive communication and marketing opportunities.

Enterprise Collaboration

  • Extends the use of Enterprise Social Networking and increases adoption
  • Enables employees to interact with colleagues more efficiently
  • Integrates with Enterprise Social Networks (Yammer and Chatter)
  • Provides reporting of employee attendance to events and at office locations
  • Networking between employees at internal events, meetings and in everyday working life.
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Event Experiences


Beacon-based, push, tailored notification on attendee arrival and departure


Prompts users to check-in to events and share updates on social media


Attendee reporting and event footfall analysis

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Latest News

EWL Club selects AroundThen as Event Technology Partner

AroundThen has been selected as the provider of the networking app for the event professionals networking group, the EWL Club, at their…


  • "The automatic check-in and delegate badge printing worked seamlessly, helping us to significantly streamline the arrivals registration process and keeping the queues to a minimum.”

    Andrew Wood, High Growth Technology Group, KPMG UK

  • "We showcased AroundThen at one of our recent Microsoft-hosted events. Feedback was extremely positive with delegates noticeably more active in their networking and easily able to identify, interact and engage with relevant contacts."

    Neil Bellamy, NatWest, Head of Technology, Media & Telecoms

  • "For many of our delegates, the networking opportunities are as important as the presentations themselves and forms part of the value around event attendance. Having an app which supports this aspect of our event proved invaluable for our delegates who were able to make relevant business connections in the short space of time available to them."

    Victoria Lloyd, IoT Nexus Event Director

  • "We wanted to offer our delegates the chance to use this leading edge technology, and were delighted with the support that the AroundThen team gave us before and during the conference. Delegates were pro-actively downloading the app and it helped to facilitate many new business connections.

    Paul Britton, Head of Inward Investment, Thames Valley Chamber

  • "Thanks to AroundThen, our delegates were quickly able to identify and connect with key individuals who they could collaborate with throughout the weekend."

    Tom Cook, Co-Founder, Oxford Launch

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