Connecting your Members

See who is around you within a time frame

If you manage a coworking space or environment, you may not always be aware who is in your space at any one time, and regular members can find working in this type of office environment isolating. AroundThen solves this problem for both parties, helping to build a strong community.

The AroundThen Proximity Portal, provides web-based, real-time and historical reporting of app users within the location. Users themselves can easily view the business profiles of nearby users who may share similar business interests, and connect with them. The office space becomes more of a collaborative environment, versus merely the provision of desk space.

Beacons can also be placed at key locations, such as receptions and meeting rooms, delivering personalised welcome messages and information to users on arrival.

Collaborate - Enable members within your co-working space to network with each other more easily.
Reporting – Reports of user details can be viewed on screen as well as exported. Real-time reporting provides receptionists with a view of members as they arrive, allowing them to be welcomed personally. Click here for more information. Click here for more information.
Engagement - Personalised push notifications allow direct communication with the individuals in your space.

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