Facilitating Teamwork

Yammer helps you and your company collaborate more effectively, enabling you to get connected to the right people, share information across teams, remove heirarchical barriers and organise around projects.

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Collaboration enabled 

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AroundThen extends Yammer by presenting real-world opportunities for collaboration, helping you to build your valuable internal network of business connections and drive interactions, providing a view of who is in your immediate physical location.

You can easily view the Yammer profiles of nearby users, exchange instant messages, and follow each other as well as check-in and share locations across your Yammer network, driving engagement.

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Dynamic office cultures

If you're part of a hot-desking culture, or where employees visit other corporate offices on an ad hoc basis, you may not always know who is working in the desks nearby. You may also find yourself at a large internal event or conference surrounded by other employees who all seem to know each other!

AroundThen makes introductions easier and internal networking smarter with instant access to the Yammer profiles of colleagues in your immediate vicinity enabling you to meet and connect with the people you need to.

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Be visible; ready to interact

Login with your Yammer credentials, select to receive Instant Messages, and view your current check-in location via simple navigation on the AroundThen app Status screen.

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Easy business networking

See AroundThen users in immediate proximity or those who have checked into the same event or office location. The app neatly displays the profile picture and details from Yammer making it simple to identify nearby contacts. Networking in a room full of unfamiliar faces suddenly becomes a whole lot easier!

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Make connections; increase collaboration

Follow event attendees or employees, send Instant Messages, or simply view another user profile, making introductions easier and more meaningful.

And even up to a week later, you can check back to see who else was in proximity so you can make a connection or send a message.

Personalised notifications

Using the app means you can also receive personalised event-specific or welcome notifications to an iOS or Android device and enjoy an enhanced experience when attending events or visiting different office locations.

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Important information delivered directly

View an event agenda via the app, your company activity for the day or any information your company wants to share - even the lunch menu for the day! Completely customisable and company-branded.

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Event promotion through social sharing

'Check-in' to a location or an event and see who else is nearby in the same location. No need to miss out on important business connections again!

The event or location can be shared on Yammer allowing you to easily locate other colleagues at the same location, whether it's their permanent office base, or they are just stopping by for a meeting or event.

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Message your colleagues; message the moderator

Use Instant Messaging to contact colleagues in immediate proximity to arrange to meet, or use this handy feature to deliver questions directly to an event moderator at internal events, avoiding the awkwardness of asking your important question in front of a large audience.

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Invite a colleague

Finding the app useful? The more users, the more invaluable the app becomes, so invite your colleagues to download AroundThen and use today as part of networking and building contacts in your every day business life.

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