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Attending events can be an invaluable way of growing a strong network of business contacts. For many people, the networking opportunities provided can be as important as the presentations themselves, and the number of quality contacts made are often a way to validate time spent away from the office and generate ROI. But how easy is it to meet relevant business connections in a roomful of unfamiliar faces with a limited amount of time?

AroundThen provides event organisers with a simple way to enhance the event experience for attendees, exploit an additional communication channel and maximise event ROI.

Interactive - Personalised push notifications on iOS devices and Android devices with branded, customisable content such as conference plans or agendas
Promotion - Autocheck-in and user prompts to check-in to events and share updates on social media
Participation - Realtime reporting and event footfall analysis. Click here for more information.

AroundThen allows event organisers to push out notifications
AroundThen portal screenshot

 Our event packages include:

Features Event
Auto check-in & delegate badge printing for seamless registration
Location-based networking for enhanced delegate networking immediately or up to a week after an event
Branded, customised content, including floorplans, agendas or exhibitor details delivered in real time as notifications or emails
Push notifications & instant broadcast messages
Social sharing of check-ins on LinkedIn, Yammer, Chatter or Twitter
Moderator messaging for audience participation
Web-based Reporting Portal for delegate insight and footfall data tracking


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