AroundThen have announced the launch of an Android app so users can easily find and connect with other LinkedIn users in their immediate proximity. It is available now as a free download.

AroundThen includes a check-in feature whereby users can check-in and share their location or event attendance across their LinkedIn network, as well as view all other checked-in event attendees. They can then chose to view selected LinkedIn profiles, look for specific attendees using the search function or send a customisable LinkedIn invite. The app also has a feature which allows attendee profiles to be viewed up to 24 hours after an event.

Ken Mawbey, AroundThen CEO commented: ‘Adding the Android version is critically important in extending the reach of AroundThen and ensuring as many people as possible benefit from the networking opportunities it presents.’

Mawbey adds, ‘This release is another step in a long line of exciting developments to include in-app messaging and alternate options for sign-in which we anticipate releasing shortly.’

AroundThen is also available as a free download for iPhone and iPad and unlike other business networking apps, uses Bluetooth technology which will work indoors and won’t drain a device battery.