The proximity based business networking app, AroundThen, now includes an automatic check-in feature via Bluetooth Beacons, so event attendees or delegates do not need to check-in to an event manually on the app on arrival.

They can also be automatically checked-in to individual breakout sessions or seminars at larger events, removing the need for barcode scanners at entry points while still providing organisers with valuable attendance data, including when they arrived and how long they stayed.

Attendees are also able to check-in in advance, using a secure code issued for the event. This enables attendees to view the profiles of other delegates and use the in-app messaging to pre-arrange meetings, thereby maximising the networking benefits at the event.

In addition, both on arrival and during the event, delegates can be sent personalised notifications and branded content such as agendas, seminar programmes or similar to their devices, encouraging event participation.

The AroundThen Proximity Portal provides event organisers with web-based access to real-time and historical proximity reporting, showing who has checked-in to an event, either on the day, or in advance, as well as Beacon notifications during the event. Having a real-time view of delegate activity and profile information can help organisers to make adjustments to agendas and seminars based on user activity data, as well as track footfall through an event space.

“The autocheck-in functionality uses the latest Bluetooth Beacon technology to deliver a simple but powerful solution for event organisers to track delegate attendance” commented Ken Mawbey, CEO. “In conjunction with our Proximity Portal, event organisers have access to invaluable insight into delegate activity, both before and during their events.”