Understanding Your Employees, Delegates or Members

The AroundThen Proximity Portal provides event organisers, corporate enterprises, or co-working space co-ordinators with web-based, real-time and historical reporting of the activities of app users. Reports including user details, can be viewed on screen and also exported.

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Checked-In Users

Report on users checked-in to event locations, allowing administrators to see who is in a particular office location or event at a specific time.

Proximity Portal

Beacon Notifications

Produce reports on users who have received Beacon notifications, showing when an attendee has entered or exited a location; who has been in a specific room such as a seminar or a break-out session at an event and for how long. It avoids the need to swipe name badges or collect names on entry.

Event organisers can monitor attendance and adjust events accordingly. Corporate enterprises and co-working spaces can see who is in their office at any point in time with portal access typically provided to main reception desk positions.

Real-Time Users

Provides a real-time view of Beacon notifications and Check-ins, allowing users to be welcomed personally on arrival.